Pinstripe Vest 01


Voilà the garment that will give an additional touch of style and uniqueness to your look! Worn as a “total look” as in these photos with trousers of the same color and fabric, or casually with a sweater and your favorite jeans.

This outfit was born from a lucky case of valuable fabric stock that had been stagnant for many years. Once owned by an artisan workshop for men’s tailored suits, it risked ending up in landfill to make room for new projects, but we intercepted it before this happened. So, it found a place in our warehouse!

Side slits, good fit and that indispensable touch of uniqueness which in this case is hidden in the lining: animalier lining on the front and fabric with the dyeing and finishing test numbers on the back.

Mind the numbers! Sometimes our vests have codes on the lining… are they mysterious ones? It’d seem so. Instead, they are the indications with which the textile companies where we recover scraps mark the fabrics after having tested them during dyeing and finishing! In Ida Tess we have chosen to make them a characteristic feature by putting them visible.

Size: S

Type of fabric: 100% recovered from warehouse funds and production waste. Fabrics of mixed and unknown composition. Mixed wool.

In this photo Francesca is size S with breast circumference of 95 cm and is 170 cm tall.

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