Blu Grey Cardigan


Designed to make your life carefree without compromising your elegance! Or worn easily on your favorite jeans and a t-shirt… also in this case with that touch of uniqueness. This cardigan is a one-of-a-kind piece created from the combination of solid color jersey and wool from an excellent textile factory in the Vicenza area, our neighbors. These are waste products for them, their name is “color proof tissues”. The result is bands or squares of different colors placed next to each other; from them we obtain the front part of this garment.

To complete its uniqueness, a pocket with a different pattern from a batch of dyeing and finishing tests.

Size: one fits all.

Type of fabric: mixed wool and jersey of medium-high weight. 100% recovered from inventories or production waste of unknown composition.

Mind the numbers! This pocket has codes on it… are they mysterious ones? it seems so right? Instead, they are the indications with which the dyeing and finishing companies where we recover the scraps mark the fabrics after having tested them! In Ida Tess we have chosen to make them a characteristic feature, always putting them in the foreground!

In this photo, Francesca is size S and is 170 cm tall.

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