Kimono Geo


Kimono is a garment with a long tradition and is particularly versatile. Here revisited in an Ida Tess key with a mix of ever-changing fabrics.
The back becomes precious and surprising thanks to the choice to use a sample fabrics, coming from truly special companies in our Vicenza area known worldwide for the quality of their work and for their creativity.

One size fits all, with the possibility of width adjustment thanks to the two inner and outer laces. In the ‘Ida Tess’ version, the combination of different fabrics and colours makes it unique and original.

Size: one fits all, long version (a good one for a person between 175 and 190 cm tall).

Type of fabric: 100% recycled from inventories or production waste, of unknown composition. Medium weight denim and mixed composition fabric.

Warning: any small imperfections in the material are due to its nature as a recycled product. Consider them additional elements that mark the uniqueness of what you are wearing!

In this photo, Nicola is size L/XL and is 190 cm tall.

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