Vest Sea


Voilà the garment that will give an additional touch of style and uniqueness to your look! Worn traditionally with a shirt and a jacket, or casually with a sweater and your favorite jeans.

We are real vest experts, do you know why? They don’t require a lot of fabric and we can make them by combining different pieces because a vest is made up of several small elements: the two parts on the front, the back, the sides on the front and behind! The vest is therefore an emblem of our upcycling philosophy.

And also because, when we find a sample that inspires us, the back becomes truly surprising. As in this case: a canvas, it seems painted! It comes from one of the most beautiful textile factories in the Vicenza area. There, with ancient looms according to tradition, breath-taking fabrics come to life.

Size: XL

Type of fabric: 100% recovered from warehouse funds and production waste. Fabrics of mixed and unknown composition.

Mind the numbers! Sometimes our vests have codes on the lining… are they mysterious ones? It’d seem so. Instead, they are the indications with which the dyeing and finishing companies where we recover the scraps mark the fabrics after having tested them! In Ida Tess we have chosen to make them a characteristic feature by putting them visible.

In this photo, Nicola is size L/XL and is 190 cm tall.

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