Relaxed-Fit Peach Shirt


S size, relaxed fit.

From wonderful fabrics assembled with love, a collection of shirts in unique pieces is born for an unparalleled casual style. Contrasting details on the inside of the cuff and yoke make these garments even more special.

You will then discover it’s also a good solution to fish out of the wardrobe to wear as a shirt-jacket in the mid-seasons.

Fabric: wool/mixed wool and cotton/mixed cotton. 100% from high quality recovered fabric (scraps and discontinued fabric). Unknown composition.

Mind the numbers! This shirt has codes on it… are they mysterious ones? it seems so right? Instead, they are the indications with which the dyeing and finishing companies where we recover the scraps mark the fabrics after having tested them! In Ida Tess we have chosen to make them a characteristic feature, always putting them in the foreground!

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